3 Quick Social Media Tips To Boost Your Engagement ๐Ÿ’ฌ

I'm coming at you straight in this one. Social Media is meant to be SOCIAL!

Don't be surprised if your posts get little engagement if you're not being social.

No one engages with billboards. No one engages with the person that holds up their opinion on a sign on a street corner.

If you're not engaging with others on the platform, you're just like the person picketing on a street corner desperately hoping someone listens to your opinion. Those that do happen to notice it will just drive right by.

I want you to remember this: Facebook is a give-to-get platform

If you want to get engagement, you need to give it.

Here are 3 quick and powerful tips to boost your engagement:

  1. Comment on 10 Friends' Posts

    This is where giving starts. Go to 10 different friends' Facebook profiles and leave a meaningful comment on one of their recent posts. It has to be more than just "Facts!" or "Amen!" Aim to leave a comment that prompts a response.

    If you're building a brand on social media, this needs to be a daily practice.

  2. Green Means Go!

    Facebook shows your posts to the friends that it believes care about you. One of the main signals it uses to make that determination is Messenger conversations. If you converse with someone in Messenger, there's a high likelihood that your next post will show up in their feed.

    Start 5-10 new conversations in Messenger.

    Both in the Messenger app and in the browser, Facebook displays which of your friends are "Active" right now with a green dot. Green means go! Shoot them a message and see how they're doing. You know, be social!

    Send me a message and say Hi!

  3. Get Curious

    Create a post that prompts a comment from your friends; otherwise known as an engagement post.

    Try this one. You'll be amazed at how many interesting, conversation-starting responses you'll get.

    To maximize the usefulness of this post, respond to each comment in a way that prompts another response. The more back and forth in the comments, the higher the likelihood that your next post will show up in their feed.

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