How Often Do I Need To Post? | PBM Series Part 6

Part 6 of an in-depth Personal Branding Mastery newsletter series

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This is Part 6 of a multi-part, in-depth newsletter series on personal branding. To view previous parts, click here.

How Often Do I Need To Post? ✍🏻

This is one of those topics where various experts will have conflicting opinions. When Facebook was still relatively new, the prevailing advice was to post 5 or more times a day.

Now, I believe that advice is outdated…for News Feed content.

On Facebook there are two primary areas to post content: Your Newsfeed and Stories.

For the Newsfeed, I recommend posting only 1-2 times per day. Every subsequent post after the first will get successively less engagement (in most circumstances).

Think of the content you post to your Newsfeed as your Front Page content — your best content. The content that you don’t want to disappear. The content that you want to be known for.

When it comes to Stories, feel free to post much more! You’ll want to be putting up at least 3-4 Stories per day. You can do many more though, but don’t go overboard.

The popularity of Stories is increasing day-by-day. Stories are unique in two ways:

  1. You can post as often as you like and when people view them, they tend to click through all of them.

  2. They only last for 24 hours then disappear (unless you feature them).

There are three types of content that are great for Stories:

First, use them to give a “behind the scenes” look at your life.

Share your day with people — you and your dog on a walk, the awesome new product/service you’re trying out (even the ones you aren’t promoting), your workout, etc. Share content you find funny (like memes for instance). Share candid moments with your friend and loved ones. Share your other interests.

Stories are fantastic for building rapport with people; they see you as a real person, not just some mysterious person behind written content.

Second, you can use them to create tons of curiosity in a non-spammy way.

You’ll read more about creating curiosity and generating leads for your product/service in a future newsletter, but for now, a simple explanation is content that piques people’s interest about your product/service, without giving away too much information. Think of it like a movie trailer. The goal is to get you to want to see the movie, or in the case of your story: to learn more about your product or service.

Third, you can use them to share the same content as one of your normal posts.

If you have some excellent content that you are sharing on your wall, you may think about formatting it in an engaging way in Stories as well or alerting people that a new post is up (or you’ll be going live on your wall at a certain time about a certain topic).

Stories are a MAJOR part of the platform now. They’re even more powerful than posts because comments go directly to your inbox, you can see who “lurks” without engaging, and they are shown in chronological order without other peoples’ posts in-between.

Get used to sharing far more stories. They’re simple They don’t need to be polished. They just need to be real and authentic.