How To Drastically Increase Your Engagement On Social Media 📈

Self-delusion is real. We tend to overestimate our own abilities and results, particularly when we’re not completely competent.

If you want to consistently increase your engagement, you can’t make that mistake.

“If you don’t self-monitor, you’ll be less consistent and will advance more slowly.”

~Brendon Burchard, High Performance Habits
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Tracking your Facebook engagement will help you better understand what content resonates best with your audience, the type of posts that generate the best engagement (short, long, pictures, video, live, etc), etc.

You will want to track three major things. I weight them differently because a like is not equal to a comment or share.

  1. Reactions (likes, loves, etc). These get a score of 1.

  2. Comments. These get a score of 2.

  3. Shares. These get a score of 4.

Tally them up for a total score. Now, you’ve got a running, graphable list of your content. You can see how each post performs and if your overall engagement is trending upward or not.

To simplify this, I built a Google Sheets document that you can use for free. All the hard work is done for you. Just plug in your post, the engagement numbers and it’ll spit out the rest, including a nice graph of your engagement over time.

FB Engagement Tracking - Google Sheets

Now you have data you can grow your engagement without guess work!

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