Use This To Brainstorm Killer Content | PBM Series Part 5

Part 5 of an in-depth Personal Branding Mastery newsletter series.

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This is Part 5 of a multi-part, in-depth newsletter series on personal branding. To view previous parts, click here.

Brainstorming Interesting Content Is A Lot Simpler If You Use This… 🤔

Generating quality content can be tough. Not because you don’t have anything to share, but because you overthink it.

We tend to think that things are too basic, too boring, too emotional, too involved, too…whatever.

The knowledge that you take for granted may be exactly others need to move to the next level.

The truth is, what you know and what you’ve experienced is an endless well from which you can draw quality content.

Step 1: quit overthinking it. Write the post or do the live. You’ll get better and you’ll learn what your audience likes and what it doesn’t.

Step 2: You’ve got to surface that knowledge and those experiences.

To help, I created The Content Grid.

How to use it:

Along the left side, fill in your core brand attribute, followed by one or two other aspects of your brand. For instance, mine would be Personal Branding Strategist, Positivity/Motivation, and Family Man.

Along the top are various categories of content you can create.

In each box, you can now brainstorm content ideas. This will help you vary your content and create more diversity among your posts. Just two ideas in each box will give you 24 pieces of content!

Teach a tip, celebrate a personal, customer, or team-member win, tell a story about what you do or how you got into it, post a meme or funny story related to that attribute.

Using this grid will help you keep your content on brand, fresh, and engaging.

ASK: Share your filled out Content Grid with me and I’ll share the best one in next week’s newsletter with a link to your Facebook/IG!